Obsidian Aroma Power Tiger Eye Bracelet


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Each bracelet contains a single power gem of your choice in the middle, paired with all black obsidian stones around it. Each bracelet is closed with a pair of lava rocks and a Swarovski closing crystal.

Obsidian is used to protect and ground!


Tigereye promotes clear-eyed vision, helping us see ourselves and the world better. It is said to combine earth energy with light or sun energy, creating an intense stone that’s also well-grounded. Tigereye enhances psychic and empathic energies, while protecting its wearer with an unblinking eye.

Use with Your Favorite Essential Oils!

When Considering a Size: The bracelets are made with 8mm beads. Therefore, if your actual wrist size is 7.0 -7.25 inches, you would order the next size up (7.5 inches) for a more comfortable fit!